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To develop a service design intervention to inform, raise awareness and increase public trust in vaccines

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This project required a lot of initial research in order to identify the problem areas around vaccinations and what might cause vaccine hesitancy. It was also essential in identifying the user that I would target my service at.

I chose to focus on creating a service for increasing the uptake of the annual nasal flu vaccination as this currently has the lowest uptake of vaccination in children.


It is also something that is offered to every child across the UK ever year. It is increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic so that the flu isn't spread as easily to the most vulnerable people in the community who are at a greater risk of suffering badly from COVID-19. 


I analysed the potential group of people that would use my service using social, economic and demographic. I recognised that I would need to target the parents, children and teachers.

Service maps were created to illustrate all the different interactions between digital and physical products as well as between users. There were three concepts explored in this detail.

The final concept is called FluSafe. It aims to educate children from the age of 4 about the importance of vaccinations and to increase the uptake of the annual flu vaccinations through fun ways of learning for example with games, quizzes and quizzes. 

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Final Concept
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