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To develop a ‘toolkit’ that aids teams of people to bond share and be productive in hybrid work settings.

Research and Initial Ideas
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This project was a collaboration between LSBU and IDEO London and we were assigned into pairs.

The task was to investigate the development of hybrid working that was forced upon many sectors of global society over

the pandemic. In any discipline the notion of a traditional meeting has been disrupted and arguably we may never stop using digital communication tools such as Zoom or Teams to facilitate a gathering of people. How can the gap be bridged between in person and online?

To begin, we identified key issues that people face in hybrid settings and then started to cross link and come up with possible solutions to these issues.

From here, we narrowed down to four possible areas and started to come up with possible solutions and developed these further.

We developed a game in order to make task delegation more fun and interactive for university students studying design.

Concept Development
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Final Concept
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