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To develop and produce a product and/or service that can aid, enrich or enhance an 80 year old Chilean female’s daily life.

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User Profile
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This project required a large amount of initial research in order to identify the culture, people, geographical information, demographic breakdown and problems that people face in Chile.


We had to improve the life on an 80 year old female from Chile, so it was important to understand what she values the most and her concerns/ problems she faces in daily life.

The user profile helped us to understand the main issues she faced. Technophobia is a huge barrier for the elderly in Chile which also contributed to their isolation.

Below are some initial sketches with ideas based on her interests, difficulties and needs.

The final concept is Movil, a community hub where elderly members of the community share their knowledge with the younger generation whilst interacting with others. The centre will also offer services to help them with wayfinding and communciating with others. 

Initial Sketches
Sketches 1
Sketches 2
Final Concept
Final Concept.jpg
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