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This page shows a collection of my work from extra curricular projects, A-Level and three years at university.

Extra Curricular

University 1st Year 

University 2nd Year

University Final Year


ZenDen - Major Project

To create a safe classroom based sensory space for children with special educational needs and mental health concerns.

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 12.42.26.png

Learning Pod

To create a workstation for an autistic child to help improve their learning environment within school.


Learning Garden

To design a learning garden that is suitable for all members of the school community to commemorate the schools 50th anniversary.

Garden Layout.png

Story Factory

To redesign a school library to the theme The Story


Story Factory Logo.png

Flu Safe

To develop a service design intervention to inform, raise

awarness snd increase public trust in vaccines.

Flu Safe.png

Pop Up Play

Pop Up Play.png

To develop an alternative design (products, services and strategy) for McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that will reduce waste, plastic usage and have a longer useful life.

Helping Hand

Design a functional item for the kitchen or bathroom that is an original concept or a significant improvement on an existing product and made mainly from plastic.

Helping Hand-01.png


How can design improve learning environments in mainstream schools so they nurture children with special educational needs?

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 15.06.08.png


To develop a ‘toolkit’ that aids teams of people to bond

share and be productive in hybrid work settings.

Front of Cards 12 2-18.png

Mouse Project

To design a mouse using the visual identity of another brand and produce a mould suitable for injection moulding, using Fusion 360.

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 17.31.47.png

Zero to Hero

To develop a system or service that extends product life and keep it in use.

Zero to Hero.png


To develop and produce a product and/or service that can aid, enrich or enhance an 80 year old Chilean female’s daily life.

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