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Learning pod

To create a bespoke workstation for a 5 year old child with ASD who struggles to engage with their learning and education in the classroom

Learning Pod Client.png
Learning Pod Final.png

This project required a large amount of initial research in order to identify the needs of the child and create something that would really help them.


I spoke to the child's 1-1 teaching assistant, classroom teacher and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator to get a well rounded view to the child and their specific needs which can be seen from the EHCP on the left.


I identified key features that would be needed in the workstation to ensure that it would support the child's learning in the best way possible.


Once I had made the workstation for the child, I gave it to them to test for 2 weeks to see how they get on using it and whether any changes needed to be made.


From the feedback I received, I made changes to the writing slope to make sure it didn't slip.


The child continues to use the workstation to help support their learning 4 years after I first gave it to them.  

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