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To develop a design proposal that incorporates 1, 2 or 3 of the following criteria to reduce WEEE:

- A system or service that extends product life and keep it in use/ out of the waste stream

- An e-product that facilitates refurbishment, repair, reuse, increases potential for recycling

- An incentive / intervention to encourage user behaviour change  

Initial Concepts
Concept 1.png
Concept 2- 3.png
Concept 2- 3.png
Concept 4.png
Concept 5.png
Concept 6.png
Concept 7.png
Zero to Hero.png

To begin this project, we were separated into pairs and discussed our thoughts and initial approach to this topic. We then started researching e-waste; what the biggest causes were, what products were incorrectly disposed of etc in order to identify possible problem areas and solutions.

We developed 7 initial concepts which involved trade in scheme, recycling awareness and location apps, all in one products to minimise what is produced and credit schemes. 

Our final concept was a combination of concepts 3, 4 and 7, this resulted in an online recycling system with location data and credit scheme.


The aim was to simplify the process of recycling by having all the data you needed to make an informed disposal decision in one place as well as earning from the correct disposal decisions you make.

Final Concept
Concept Choosing.png
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