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To redesign a school library to the theme The Story Factory

Full 3D CAD Model
Story Factory CAD.png
Story Factory Logo.png

In June 2020, I was approached by the headteacher of Talbot Primary School to redesign the school library with an industrial theme to embrace the old workshop features in the room. I had to stick to a limited budget so I carried out the work myself along with a few other staff members during the school’s summer holiday.

I repurposed old furniture in the library to try and save money. I used the existing tables and chairs to add elements of the school colour within design. I painted the existing shelving units with grey chalk paint.


To create the murals I used wall transfer stickers to ensure they were high quality but also being conscious of the small budget I had.

The feature wall was created using paint. I marked where the tape needed to be for the sunburst and ensured that it was symmetrical when the tape had been applied to the wall.

I am really pleased with the outcome of this design and I received lovely feedback about the space from the school. 

There are still elements of the design that need to be finished such as seat coverings, more bean bags, blinds and a curtain for separating the reading and teaching areas 

Final Design
Final Design.png
Final Design.png
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